Canadian Professional 12-Piece 5-Ply Copper Core Cookware Set

The PADERNO Canadian Professional 12-Piece 5-Ply Copper Core Cookware Set combines the durability and corrosion-resistance of stainless steel, the enhanced heat distribution of aluminum, and the increased cooking precision of copper, all in one high-performance cookware set.
Technical Details

- Proudly manufactured in Prince Edward Island, Canada
- Copper-bonded, 5-ply construction
- Flared edges for easy pouring
- Riveted, ergonomic handles
- Oven safe to 500°F/260°C
- 18/10 stainless steel construction
- Compatible with all stovetop types, including induction
- Set includes: 1.6 L, 2 L, 3.2 L saucepans, 5.4 L Dutch oven, 9 1/2" fry pan, 2.7 L steamer, 6 lids

Care Instructions

- Hand wash only
- Limited lifetime warranty [link to warranty page]

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Excellent material for induction, package content

Thank you Butterly team for choosing me to try out the Canadian made PADERNO 5-Ply Copper Core Stainless Steel Cookware 12-piece Set.
Surprisingly, these 5 layers pots and pan heat up half of the time FASTER than my usual stain steel pots and pan. All the pots and pan are PERFECTLY straight on the bottom and sit evenly onto the stoves without sliding and blending through the heat inducting.
Currently using a Japanese electrical thermos kettle at home, instantly pumped in some 200 Celsius hot boiling water into the pot and turned on the stove, it needs to be praised that water instantly bubbly and boils less than 10 seconds.
Used the pan to sear two piece of prime rib steaks and pork chops, heat went perfectly evenly and browned the steak evenly. Stickiness to the steak, I finished with a little piece of butter, it slide off easily, brown stain, yes, of course, any pans will do. Pan-fried fish, need a bit more oil, the skin of the fish I fried stick onto the pan.
Making stew, protein cooked perfectly tender, covered with the lid, cooking time was one third faster my normal time and make sure adding the vegetable the last especially the green, therefore the veggie in the stew would turn brown if you covered with the lid.
For the pot come with a particular FANCY coriander, got to say it is a bit useless, honestly who does not carry a coriander at home. The only thing I could think of using it for blanching veggies or cooking pasta, not much of a use I would say.
For this set there is too many lids, recall when I was cooking with the set, there is TWO sets of SAME sizes lids for all the pots and pan, however, they takes too much spaces inside my cabinet. As well, quite disappointed to me is the sizes of the pots are too close, probably a liter extra next to each sizes.
If you cook every day for a family minimum of five or you are preparing for a party, you can tell the difference right of the bat as the size of the every single pot in this set will not even let you cook enough for a family (Big eaters family like mine).
Dont use the set when you are prepping for a party as all you will be doing is keeping cooking because you will be running out of food in seconds. One single example is how can you sear five pieces of steak in one pan, then of course, you have to repeat the work twice.
Also notice there was film looking like stain after I washed the pots and pan. If you want to achieve the shininess like new, I washed them twice and polished it, yes, it is quite a hassle.
My PERSONAL experience for this set is the packing -- IF this PARTICULAR set can replace a BIGGER pot like a STOCK pot or add an extra 9 frying pan PLUS took away the smallest pot as well as the TWO EXTRA LIDS and the NOT VERY USEFUL CORIANDER, which would be more a better selling set to me.
In general, the metal quality for the set is EXCELLENT, the packing contents is lacking, and the pots itself are quite heavy. It suits to a small family daily use.

Stunning Heavy-Duty Chef Quality Cookware Set

Absolutely dazzling set of heavy-duty stainless steel cookware. So many features included in the manufacturing of these from the stainless steel, multi-layer clad construction, copper core, riveted handles, oven-safe to 500F/260C, and can be used on induction cook-tops. These beauties are even better in hand! I mean you can even feel that these pots are quality and durable in the weight and feel alone. The copper core is not only aesthetically pleasing but works by distributing the heat evenly across the cooking area for an exceptionally even cook. We are both trained chefs in this household and have found these pots to be useful for a variety of different cooking methods from boiling, sauteing, frying, to steaming and so can even throw these things in the oven to finish off the cook. If you have a recipe for it than you can most probably cook it in one of these pots. Comes with a 1.6L (1.7qt) Saucepan, 2L (2.1qt) Saucepan, 3.2L (3.4qt) Saucepan, 5.4L (5.7qt) Dutch Oven, 2.7L (2.8qt) Steamer, 24cm (9.5) Frypan, and 6 lids all made in Canada!

There are some issues with using these pots such as with anything new you need to learn how they work (how they handle the heat, how hot they get, etc., but once you figure it out, they will be your go to pots. I also found the handles on the lid getting hot but honestly I have other pots that are much worse quality that have the same problem and I don't have much issue with this as I keep cooking mitts in my kitchen.

Overall, I am so excited to see what new recipes I will be able to master in this cookware while taking flashy photos in my fancy new pots for all to drool over!

An ""Exceptional"" cookware set like no other!!

I was extremely excited to be trying this 12-piece, 5-ply cookware set that had its humble beginnings in our own backyard (Canada) on Prince Edward Island.
This cookware set has a multi-layer copper technology that provides exceptional performance in the way it distributes heat, for superior cooking results.
I haven't used the whole set as yet, but after using the pan to fry a steak and saute some vegetables, I noticed that it only needed a low to medium setting to cook and got the results needed faster as opposed to the other cookware I own. I never even needed to use the high setting.
Also, it can be used on electric or gas stove tops, so no limitations there.

Some helpful facts for those pondering upon buying this amazing piece of professional cookware can be summarized as follows by me after usage -
1) Do not have this on high heat too many times. It's not needed. You may find the heat travelling on the sides of the pan and also the handles. Only use the high setting for boiling water, reducing liquids etc.
2) Add salt etc. to the food after you heat the food or liquids up so there are no spots that may be hard to remove. It may cause pits too.
3) Remember that this is a high quality cookware set, but also due to the copper material it does need extra care. It is not dishwasher safe due to this - I would recommend handwashing it.
4) If you see any watermarks remain, remove with a sponge - maybe a brush too - You can even dip it in lemon juice or white vinegar. But definitely a simple handwash works wonders.
5) Use scrubbing pads on the interior, but try to use a soft cloth on the exterior surface.

The overall great thing about this set is that Paderno has a Limited Lifetime Warranty. I have never experience a cookware set that made me feel like a professional chef in the comfort of my home. It looks amazing and I definitely plan to take good care of the set so it can last me many years.

Two Thumbs up!! Totally Recommended!!

Copper line tarnished after two uses

Purchased two weeks ago. Within two uses the copper has tarnished, spoiling the look of the pan entirely.

Unacceptable for a set of pans this expensive.

Copper line spoilt after two uses

I purchased it two weeks ago and just after two uses and washing it with soapy water only the copper line on the pot came off and has completely spoilt the look. It says lifetime guarantee so will be reaching out to canadian tire and paderno.

For such an expensive product this is unacceptable.